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Once in a lifetime experience to discover IncrEdible India.
10 Day Yoga Culinary Cultural Travel Adventure led by an expert team
Ranjan Dey - Celebrity Chef, Vinita Jacinto - Culinary Educator
Anagha Godbole - Certified Culinary Tourism Professional
Allan Jacinto - Certified Yoga Instructor.


Ranjan Dey

Ranjan Dey is passionate about sharing Indian culture and cuisine. He has over 40 years of experience in running Indian restaurants in India, Hong Kong and San Francisco. He is the Chef and owner of the New Delhi Restaurant in San Francisco. New Delhi Restaurant is celebrating its 25th year anniversary. New York Times has voted it as the best Indian Restaurant. Former President Clinton has visited Ranjan several times when he is town to meet with the local Indian leaders. Late Julia Child, Chef Paul Prudhomme, Graham Kerr, Martin Yan, and Jerry De Vecchio, Senior Food Editor of Sunset Magazine, are some of celebrity chefs with whom Ranjan loves to share his passion of Indian culture and cuisine. Ranjan also owns New World Spices. He dug deep into the history of India to get the inspiration to create six spice blends. He searched for the favorite dishes of three kings and three queens representing six different regions and from that inspiration created each spice blends. Foremost, Ranjan is a storyteller. He loves stories about Indian culture, cuisine, and travel adventure. Curry Trails! With Ranjan Dey provides him the perfect platform to infect you with entertainment, education, and excitement about his India.


Vinita Chopra Jacinto

Vinita Chopra Jacinto has been involved in the food industry for over three decades. She has extensive experience in culinary education, hotel management and nonprofit services. Vinita has been a culinary educator in San Francisco for over a decade, teaching classes that focus around sustainable and health conscious cuisine. She has worked at the Le Cordon Bleu School_ California Culinary Academy for several years and was the Manager and Lead Instructor of CHEFS, a program dedicated to fighting homelessness through employment in the food services industry. Vinita graduated with her degree in Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition from The Institute of Hotel Management in Mumbai, India, Her areas of culinary focus include vegan and vegetarian cuisine, Indian regional cuisines, Ayurveda and Macrobiotic ,Tea Cuisine, sustainable food and nutritional cooking. In addition to her love for all things food, Vinita is a certified Yoga instructor. She has a passion for tea, spices ,local food movements, and incorporating old food wisdom into the new generation. "Passion with Compassion" is her food and teaching philosophy. New to the blogosphere, Vinita posts recipes and culinary musings at


Anagha Godbole

Anagha Godbole describes herself as a hopeless foodie & can go to any distance for good food. To pursue this passion she became a 'Certified Culinary Travel Professional'. She grew up in India and had many opportunities to travel and learn about the regional & seasonal cuisines of various parts of India. She believes that knowing the food and traditional recipes provide you insight to the culture as well. She hopes to share her knowledge & passion of her India with you through the amazing food.


Allan Jacinto

Allan Jacinto is a Certified Yoga Instructor who has been teaching in the Bay Area for the last 12 years. He teaches a variety of yoga styles from Vinyasa to Yin to Restorative to Gentle Yoga for older adults.

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